The ears need to be cleaned with lot of care . It’s one of the most delicate parts of the body. If it is not cleaned properly , then it might lead to a serious trouble that could possibly damage the sense of hearing.

The swabs are commonly used for the personal hygiene of the ears in order to remove the possible earwax that is built up inside them. However, when using them you need to be very careful not to harm the ears.

The scientific researches of the modern times suggest that the use of swabs is associated with harmful impact on the internal structures of the ear.
The most dreadful consequence of using ear swab is the rupture of tympanic membrane that can causes permanent deafness. The tympanic membrane is a delicate structure that cannot stand the force with which an ear swab is inserted in the ear. If you’re not giving attention and go too deep, you can cause harm to the membrane.

If the swab goes inside above the limit, it can directly stimulate or injure a nerve. This will lead to vertigo and paralysis of the facial muscles of this side. It can also lead to neural loss of hearing.

The use of unsterilized swabs is a source of introducing infection to your middle ear. Middle ear infections are a serious problem that require ages to heal completely or may transform into abscess.

If you go beyond injuring yourself, then the doctor may tell you that you require an ear surgery. You will have to bear the expense of a complicated ear surgery due to one small mistake.

Therefore, you must take precautions when using the ear swabs.

If you really need to clean your ears here are some helpful tips:

• You should use the swab only for the cleaning of the outer part of the ear and the area around the ear canal.
• Don’t use the cotton swab deeper in the ear because you will push the earwax to the bottom and could plug the ear. This could cause hearing problems and dizziness.
• For the children, there are swabs specially designed for preventing intrusion into the ear canal.

The other options for cleaning your ears:

 – One of the option to clean the earwax from your ears is to make a mix of 1 part each of rubbing alcohol, white vinegar and tap water and to add a few drops in your ear.

– Another option is to put a few drops of olive oil in your ear. It will soften the earwax and make it easier to come out.